marți, 26 mai 2009

Pants with no pockets

Met the most wonderfull people today, full of life and with a beautiful family.After a hard day with the rain as my companion, got a call at the shop...
I worked on Püppi some cool lilies that she made, was a nice day, and I felt like i have inspired some people.

After 3 hours of work I got a gift from this guys, Kaisy called me out and...

Thank you very much Kaisy, you're a great man.

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The Kaisers spunea...

Hi Folks, and Hi Alex! Kaisy is writing for you!Also a wonderful day for us! To meet you, was a great
honour and personal gain for us! Without your knowledge, you made the new way for my wife Püppi! She wants to be a bodypainter like you!Do you see what you did????? Thanxs for this and for all you gave us! We look forward to the day we meet us once more, to tell new storys and experiences. And never forget, our house will ever open for you in good old fuckin Berlin!
Püppi, Kaisy and Muppi!
And for all the People in the World......ALEX is one of the greatest artist, we've ever met!!!